Thursday, April 9, 2009

Running Benchmarks on Windows 7

Recently I got my Quad Core PC back and it was time for me to move my Dual Core off the desk and place it back away in the box under my bed, after about three days of it just sitting under my bed I decided to get it out and stick in on top of my amp. Now I've got a Quad Core PC sitting on my desk with a 22" screen, a laptop next to it and a Dual Core with a 15" screen sitting on the left of me.

While I was looking though the files of the Dual Core running Windows 7 I started to think about the performance I had gotten out of using it for about a month and started to wonder if it was even beating my Quad Core that is running Vista, if so this would truly illustrate the power of windows 7 over Vista. So early in the morning I set out to find a program that would scan my computer and give it a bench mark and also give me some feedback and specs onto the hardware that was running on the computer and I came across a program that does just that.

The site you can get your hands on it is here. Download a free trial or purchase it and use it for more than 30 days.

After I installed it onto both PC's I made sure that they were both running the same programs before I ran the benchmarks so I could get a more accurate look at how much of a difference there was between Windows 7 Dual Core on a Machine with less RAM and a lesser CPU and a Windows Vista Quad Core with more RAM and a bigger CPU.

The Quad Core was first to run the benchmarks; the Quad Core scored 1142.0 in the benchmark test

The Dual Core came in second running the beta of Windows 7 scored only a 521.0 which is less than 50% of the Quad Core's result.

After I ran these I could see that the Quad Core had out preformed the Dual Core in everything but the CD reading. From these results I now had my answer. Though my Dual Core is running Windows 7 beta it does not outperform the Quad Core at all, I can only speculate that the Dual Core seems to run smoother is because the OS itself is just a lot more smooth and co-ordinated than Vista is which is sad to say because Vista isn't a beta.

Thanks for reading the blog post all, have a good one!

By Matthew Willison

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