Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fences, the app that organises your desktop icons

A while ago a Phillip sent me a link to a website called “Fences” an app that allows you to organise your desktop icons without anything that would take up a lot of memory and slow down your computer. The three things that I noticed in the first few hours of using it was the amount of memory that it used (tiny would be an overstatement) how easy it was to use and get used to and also how good it looked and felt why using it. Anybody who has tried to find something that is all of these things knows that it is hard to find, rest assured you’ll find them all here.

I recently installed fences onto a friend’s laptop to try and help him organise a really messy desktop, from the first time I was using it I found that the amount of memory used so low. All of the icons where all organised into files that the app automatically put into place and also was keeping them into place with headings that clearly showed where things where located. This for me was an amazing thing because to do all of that in most other apps you’d expect them to either lag or be so unusable.

As time went on I found out that it was very easy to get used to, rather than having to change how I operated by now having to remember where the files had been organised too I now only had to look around the screen slightly and see where the file was, and usually I’d find a program right next to it that I’d also need. This improved my productivity a whole lot and I really enjoyed this facet of it.

I highly recommend this app, anybody thinking of downloading it I highly recommend you do. If you liked this app then maybe you’d also like another app that I blogged about not long ago “BumpTop

By Matthew Willison
Saturday, May 9, 2009


Readability is a wonderful tool that you can use to easily use to bring a big webpage filled with heaps of words, ads and fluff into a easy to read and convenient web page that from there you can print the page or e-mail it off to somebody to read. You can download it from their website (here) and use it for yourself.

This is a very handy tool if you do a lot of google searches and don't have the time to be looking at sites filled with things you don't need at all. With a click of a button you can turn the web page into an easy to read page with all the text and images laid out easy to read and understand. When you've gathered up all the information you now can print the file to a printer and have the webpage on a piece of paper, and all this in about two clicks of the mouse opposed to having to copy and paste the entire site into a word program and then have to wait to sort it all out and then print. With "readability" you've also got the option to send the page in the same format to somebody via e-mail, so if you've got to send some work into the boss or a teacher you can just by clicking one of the buttons on the side of the webpage.

By Matthew Willison


BumpTop is a new aged app that changes your desktop to emulate a real world desk, where you can drag your items around, stack them, make them bigger, stick them to walls, upload them and more. This app has had glowing reviews from a lot of people from a lot of places around the world and around the internet.

"This program is a real looker. When I showed it to friends, they immediately wanted to play with it, dragging pictures to pin on virtual walls and drawing circles around several icons at once to stack them into piles like magic. BumpTop is a pleasure to use and for no cost, the free version is certainly worth a try. If you like what you see and you're willing to change the way you use your desktop, the Pro version might be worthwhile." — Katherine Boehret, the Mossberg Solution, Wall Street Journal

"BumpTop replaces your desktop with a visual environment unlike any you've used. It's a bit like a futuristic gesture-based interface." — Seth Rosenblatt, Editor,

This app adds a brand new look and feel for the ageing desktop, and it has brought the whole desktop up to date with features that allow you to act more productively. With BumpTop you can also now personalise your own desktop with features that will allow you to move around all your icons and arrange them in a pile, and also by size which was before unheard of.

BumpTop uses next gen UI 3d and physics to give the user a feeling as though they are using a powerful machine; I recommend this to anybody who has a cluttered desktop because this has made my daily life a lot easier now that I've got this app installed.

You can get your hands of this app and try it all out for yourself for FREE at

By Matthew Willison

Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to get a DVD video into a single file

Recently I moved houses and due to that I lost a lot of videos and DVD's that we thought we wouldn't need in the new house, how wrong we were. Now we don't have those videos that we may've wanted to watch at a point so what I've done is used the weekend to my advantage and found a neat little tool that allows you to get all of the files from a DVD and convert them into a .mpeg which you can then use to watch the file and move it about and such. I found this tool handy because I don't like clutter on my desk nor do I like to have a big folder with all my movies in them I would rather have one folder on my hard drive which I can access them when I want.

The program is called "VOB2MPG" and you can download it here and use it for yourself, I truly recommend it. I asked for a comment from Phillip who also uses this program, he said

"I'm used to the idea of converting VOB to mpeg since I've done it b4 in other programs, but not as simple. This is very simple and straight forward, simply converts the selection of VOB files into one continuous mpeg file"

I hope that you enjoy using this program, and I also hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post. Feel more than free to leave you comment below and tell me what you think about the program or the blog post itself.

By Matthew Willison

Friday, May 1, 2009

How to make a lag switch

When I first saw this video I just knew that I had to share it with people. The fact that it is so easy to do will make most n00bs feel as though they have done something very hard (That's what she said).

Thanks for watching, please click the video and give the people who uploaded it a friendly hello! Thanks for reading/watching all, have a good one!

By Matthew Willison

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