Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quad Core Dilemma

I’ve had a quad core for a while now. I bought it in 2008 less than a week after Christmas and two days ago for some reason the computer started to shut down for no reason at all. I didn’t know how to explain it I would be working and it would just shut down. I had just installed a new fan on the system but when me and a friend opened it up it turned out that the fan was not the culprit.

After a day after that I went into the machine and looked around I saw nothing and I mean nothing to lead to me finding what was wrong with the machine. So I called up the place I got it from and sure enough Luke Chen from Treasure PC knew what could be wrong with it. He asked me to email him about my problem and come down to the next swap meet so he could fix it.

Now I’m on my old Dual Core that I was going to sell soon after I bought my Quad Core (thank god I didn’t) I’ve got windows 7 running and I have to say I’m not only impressed but I’m not looking forward to the downgrade from a BETA of windows 7 to Vista Ultimate. It feel so finished and the super bar in W7 has made all my time on this computer much more easily managed.

I’ll keep you posted on the situation, and I recommend Luke Chen’s Treasure PC for buying a PC. It’s gone well for everything I’ve ever gotten off him and now that I’ve got a problem he’s dealing with it wonderfully.

Have a good one all!

By Matthew Willison http://aussiematu.blogspot.com/


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