Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to get a DVD video into a single file

Recently I moved houses and due to that I lost a lot of videos and DVD's that we thought we wouldn't need in the new house, how wrong we were. Now we don't have those videos that we may've wanted to watch at a point so what I've done is used the weekend to my advantage and found a neat little tool that allows you to get all of the files from a DVD and convert them into a .mpeg which you can then use to watch the file and move it about and such. I found this tool handy because I don't like clutter on my desk nor do I like to have a big folder with all my movies in them I would rather have one folder on my hard drive which I can access them when I want.

The program is called "VOB2MPG" and you can download it here and use it for yourself, I truly recommend it. I asked for a comment from Phillip who also uses this program, he said

"I'm used to the idea of converting VOB to mpeg since I've done it b4 in other programs, but not as simple. This is very simple and straight forward, simply converts the selection of VOB files into one continuous mpeg file"

I hope that you enjoy using this program, and I also hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post. Feel more than free to leave you comment below and tell me what you think about the program or the blog post itself.

By Matthew Willison


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