Sunday, July 19, 2009

Aussie Tech Head, Hicks in Tech

For a while now I have been listening to an Aussie technology podcast, one that has always been a source of entertainment rather than a source of information. Since I started downloading it, I've only listened to it for the pure hilarity that goes on. Of course this hilarity is not intentionally done at all, in fact, quite the opposite. For this is the reason that has kept me listening intently, not to bask in the knowledge of the people on the podcast but rather laugh at the thoughts perceptions that the people on the podcast have.

Far from the world of tech, in some misbegotten podcast is where the true comedians of tech are found. Glen, the only one who is not on Skype, plays the role of "Ring Leader of the Zoo" brilliantly. The way he goes out of his way to keep peace amongst the "tech" enthusiasts, even if it's the means of going against his own beliefs and opinion. I believe that is a kind of special person who is able to keep peace at the cost of his own beliefs, and for that I give him a small round of applause, if it wasn't for him I'm sure that the comedy that is so regularly spewed out would just turn into nothingness and lose all forms of comedy.

Mark, now here is a guy, knows a little about what he's talking about but acts as though "His word is law" and carries on as though he is the local expert on the matter at hand. So many times have I heard about his experience with a product that has been so bad that not only does everybody else on the podcast who thinks (and I use this word "thinks" loosely) has their opinion ridiculed but he sometimes even goes so far to insult massive amounts of innocent listeners.

Reg, yes I saved the "best" for last, this man has become somewhat infamous in my circle of friends, we refer to him not by the name of Reg but "Tetris Man" because in one of the podcasts he carelessly described the iconic and most certainty historic game of Tetris as nothing more and mundane as "The game were the blocks fall down" which definitely caused us to think of Aussie Tech Head as a "hick" or lower class humour podcast rather than something of a valued source of information. Reg has dove into some absurd (yet entertaining) topics, it's a joy to listen in and hear about how the Asian companies are ripping us off (even though he doesn't pre-research these things) posing questions that go along the lines of "do they have to save money at the Australians expense?". This man is the proverbial glue that holds a podcast of Jesters together.

Glen, the ring leader of the zoo, the one who tries to keep order amongst the chaos. Mark, the stubborn one who loves the sound of his voice and can't think of people who may be insulted. And finally Reg the behind the times awesome entertainer who more times than most doesn't know he's being entertaining at all. Together they all make up Aussie Tech Head the best "non-satirical" (yeah right...) tech podcast out there!

For all the Aussie Tech Heads reading, have a good one! I seriously can't wait for your comments!

By Matthew Willison

This blog post wasn't anything more than MY honest opinion of this podcast, and while I'm sure that they are all wonderful people, from my experience of them on this podcast, I can only come to the assumption that they are nothing more than lower class humour and are definitely not a tech podcast.


Anonymous said...

very good. I didn't know that they were that bad but i heard them before and i agree with you why can't it go back to how it used to be.

Anonymous said...

the aussie tech head podcast is a good podcast this is just bullshit i dont know why you would even say this. i know reg is a idiot but mark and geln are good since hes been their the podcast has got very bad i dont even listen to them anymore because of him.

Anonymous said...

very good. I didn't know that they were that bad but i heard them before and i agree with you why can't it go back to how it used to be.

Anonymous said...

This is the worst podcast I have heard in a ages. Its a complete waste of space.

Anonymous said...

Of course somebody had to write a blog post about this podcast who couldn't. It was only a matter of time before somebody finally stood up to them and said this. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

hahaha this is a pretty bad podcast. Just heard them claim OSX is based on Linux. rofl.

Milo Zan said...

i think i heard Aussie tech head talking about this in one of the podcasts. they were saying it at the start of the podcast to. this post is true bloody bogans i don't like Aussie tech head at all.

Luke Percival said...

aussie tech head is exactly why aids is spreading. fucking douches there gay.

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