Thursday, January 29, 2009

Expose for Windows

Are you sick of your "flip-3d", thinking that maybe there's something out there better than it? Well I may've found what you're looking for. In OS X there is a feature called Expose that pretty much gets all open windows and arranges them so that you can see what you've got open and you can select them. It's a very good idea and some people have made an app for it inside of Windows (Vista + aero only) and the really good thing about this is that it's freeware!

If you would like to use switcher make sure that you've got a computer with Vista and the aero feature so that you can use it, if you've got Vista home basic then you won't be able to use this but if you've got any OS with the aero feature then you can use this app.

Download Switcher Here

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By Matthew Willison


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