Saturday, January 24, 2009

Show your support, stop internet censorship in Australia

If you live in Australia and haven't heard of the internet censorship the Australian government is sneaking out then you probably don't care or live without internet. The Australian government have been trying to place a filter over our internet so that they control what we have access to and what we don't. Even though this has been condemned from almost everybody. When I was looking around on Google I found this site EFA which is a site that is against internet censorship a page (Page here) on that site has media releases on the censorship act and almost all of them are against the filtering. I also found a blog site (Site here) that allows you to keep up to date with the filtering that is unfairly going on.

The defence to the filtering is that it will "stop" child paedophiles and sites that have Child Porn, but anyone who has used a computer for a while can tell you that child paedophiles will soon get around the problem. The thing that the Australian government is missing out on is the education part of the internet, learning how to use it and safely.

If you feel you want to take more action about internet filtering please go to this site and spread the word so more people can hopefully stop it.

Thanks for reading all, Have a good one!

By Matthew Willison

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia


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