Tuesday, March 17, 2009

32 or 64

A long time ago I done a post on 32 and 64 bit systems with a few small with the pros and cons, I just that that seeing that I done so little on a subject so wide that I'd do it again and hopefully shed some more light on 32x and 64 bit OS's.

Now first things first, you may be asking me "What the hell is the difference between a 32x and a 64x OS?" which is fair enough because when it comes down to it there are only a few amount of differences between them. The main differences between them would be the amount of RAM each can hold how well one can run an app and the compatibility between the two.

like with a 64x OS you've got a larger address space which means instead of being limited to having only 3.5gb of RAM you can now have up to 128GB of RAM, this is perhaps the main reason that people using the 64x OS are on it now, they may need the extra address space to have more RAM.

Another aspect of a 64x OS is that the 32x programs that you may be using are going to work better on a 64x OS because each 32x app gets its own 2GB of protected memory space, which basically means that whatever you're using is going to have more space available for it to work with, in a crappy example it kind of like instead of trying to shoot the side of a barn with a handgun it's like using a missile. Another good thing about it is that it will run future 64 apps and the app's that are out today unlike 32 which will not run those programs.

Now that I've gone into depth about some of the facets of 32 and 64, I'll explain what I believe to be the main reason that people may have/want to go to 64.

One reason somebody may want to go to the 64x edition of Windows maybe because of the amount of RAM the person needs, I found this was the reason that I moved from 32x to 64x as Vista 32x would only recognize 3.5 GB of RAM and not the 4 GB I had installed in the PC itself, so I was forced to move but once I was there I didn't have any problems and found the experience quite present and noticed that the 64x apps I was using weren't crashing as much as they did previously on the 32x system. I think that most people on the 64x edition of Windows would consider themselves to be power users, which means most of them should be on a computer most hours of the day because I don't think somebody spending thirty minutes of a computer really needs 8 GB of RAM.

Hopefully this helped you with what you needed, for any further questions on the subject of 32x 64x I would be happy for you to e-mail me. Be sure to leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading all, Have a good one!

By Matthew Willison


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