Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some things about Windows 7

Before I blogged "In love with Windows 7" where I talked about all the features of Windows 7 that I really loved, but now that I've been using it for a long time now I've found three things that have really come to annoy me a lot with the OS. The first one is the fact that they're going to release it in more than three versions, another is that they dumped the sidebar, and the last thing is to do with games that I'm not sure if it's got to do with the beta or if it's going to be a problem with the OS.

Ready for the game "Wheel of 7!"
Recently I read a magazine which talked about the 5 editions of Windows 7, and this blew my mind because for all this time I had been thinking that Microsoft would've learned from its mistake with Vista bringing out all those unnecessary versions that made it confusing for people who just wanted the "wow" to start now, not the "wow" to start in a choice of one to six versions each comprised of different abilities and different features ect... when the beta of W7 was released the first thing I can remember everybody was saying was "I hope that Microsoft doesn't go with more than 3 versions of Windows 7" and now that they've released it with 5 editions it makes me wonder if they listened to us at all, and maybe just kind of felt vibes and made small movements just to keep us happy with what they were making.

The 5 versions of Windows 7 are; starter, home premium, professional, Business, enterprise & Ultimate, I can see why Microsoft would want to make these versions and why they expect them to be snatched up fast but unfortunately this isn't going to be the case at all. I think that Microsoft made all those editions for people who didn't have the money for Ultimate but still wanted all of the "bang" of the new OS, and I can see why they would make them like this way, but still the fact that they didn't listen to what we were saying (rather meet us half way) really bothers me.

I think that they should've only made about 3 editions for Windows 7 instead of 5. I would've made; Starter, Professional & Ultimate. Starter would've been for net books and very low spec PC's whereas Home Premium would have been the bench mark for the market for those people who have good machines but don't have the money to get the Ultimate. I think that this is the move that most people wanted Microsoft to make, instead of just appeasing us with their "You'll just have to wait until we get it right next time" attitude.

Who took my sidebar? This is one of the things that have made me rant people ears off in the past. How could you remove the sidebar?! Now I've got no way to see how much CPU/RAM I'm using, how much I've downloaded, change a song, see how the economy's going, check the weather, see who's online ect. I've got a 22" screen with so much room that I want to be able to have the option to use some of the abundant space up with something useful, but instead I've got to hover over a little rectangle down the bottom of the screen and wait to see it, and if I need to do something with one of the gadgets then god help me because I'm going to have to click the square and move about then bring all the windows back to how I wanted them taking away about one minute from what could've been a few clicks with a sidebar. I hope that they decide to bring back the sidebar because I'm defiantly a man of the sidebar.

Laaa... gging it! Not crazy about the fact that some of my old games either don't work at all or are lagging so bad that they cannot be played at all. All the brand new games I've been using are working great and with a good card and specs, the ones that are lower should be working but instead are lagging and not booting up at all. Now for the time being I'm going to say that it's just the beta's fault because let's face it though Windows 7 beta feels finished it's still just a beta.

Thanks for reading my blog post all, have a good one!

By Matthew Willison


Anonymous said...

one thing to say matt GOOGLE CHROME!!!
cool blogs keep it up

Anonymous said...

i dont like that they did not put in a sidebar too i hope that they bring it back before windows 7 comes out

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