Saturday, March 7, 2009

Free Converter

For about one or two years now I've been using a free service called Zamzar which allows me to convert image files, music files & video files to other formats. Just say that you wanted to convert a song from the format ".aac" to the format ".mp3" I would just visit Zamzar and upload the file and select the format I would like the file to be converted to (In this case it would be ".mp3") and leave my e-mail address so it can send me the link for me to download the converted file from. All you have to do is wait to receive an e-mail from Zamzar and you'll soon have a converted file.

This is a very good site to use if you need a file converted and converted fast, rather than use converters that you've got to download and install you can now do it on a computer with internet access. If you give Zamzar your e-mail it will not send any spam at all in case you're worried about that happening.

So happy converting all, have a good one!

By Matthew Willison


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